The General Questions

These are general questions about the who, what and why of the ENGAGE Youth Engagement Seminar and Showcase.

Who is CoolSpeak?

CoolSpeak was founded in 2009 and is the leading youth engagement organization delivering key programs and events to keep students inspired, parents involved and teachers engaged. The CoolSpeak platform offers tailored interaction and structure that allows educational institutions, organizations and businesses worldwide to foster their educational agendas and support youth outreach. CoolSpeak provides its excellence through research, strategies, proven concepts, online resources and materials enabling intrinsic motivation, personal growth and self-sustaining inspiration. CoolSpeak strives to provide inspiration so that learning can take place allowing each and every student, parent and teacher to achieve their fullest potential. Improving Education. Inspiring Learning. Infusing Cool.

What is Engage?

Engage is a training and development seminar and showcase that focuses on student engagement the CoolSpeak way. During the seminar & showcase, participants will be trained in the skills and techniques necessary to execute successful and impactful lessons, programs and events for youth.

Why attend ENGAGE?

At ENGAGE we prepare professionals to better serve their students by enhancing their programming, presentation, and communication skills.

Who should attend ENGAGE?

Any individual who currently works with or plans to work with students and wants to learn how to better engage them.

When is ENGAGE taking place?

ENGAGE East will be held May 5-7, 2017 and ENGAGE West will be held March 27-29.

The Logistic Questions

These are the logistic questions about the when, where and how of the ENGAGE Youth Engagement Seminar and Showcase.

Where is ENGAGE being held?

This year we will have two (2) ENGAGE Conferences.  One will be take place on the East coast at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and the other will take place on the West coast at California University – Fullerton.

What are the registration prices and packages to attend ENGAGE?

There are several registration options and packages available. You can find specific details about the registration options and packages on the respective (East or West)  conference page.

What are the registration deadlines for ENGAGE?

The Early Bird Registration deadline for ENGAGE is Wednesday, February 1, 2017. After that deadline, general registration will be available until Friday, March 24, 2017 for ENGAGE West and Friday, April 21, 2017 for ENGAGE East while space is available.

How can I register to attend ENGAGE?

You can find specific details about the registration options and packages on the respective (East or West)  conference pages.

Where can I make hotel reservations?

You can find specific details about recommended hotels on the respective (East or West)  conference pages.


The Other Questions

These are miscellaneous questions about the ENGAGE Youth Engagement Seminar and Showcase.

What is the dress code for ENGAGE?

The dress code for ENGAGE is “Cool Professional”: casual, comfortable and ready for interactive activities.

Am I able to video tape and/or take pictures?

Videotaping of the training is not allowed, but pictures are encouraged, especially if you tag CoolSpeak.

Do I need to bring any materials to the event?

In order to fully take advantage of ENGAGE, it is recommended that you bring a list of lessons, programs and events that you either currently have and want to improve or would like to create.

Will there be any outdoor or night activities?

Yes and possibly. But it’s a secret, details will be forthcoming and make sure you bring comfortable shoes.

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