Terri Lomax

Blogger, CoolSpeaker and Facilitator

Terri Lomax is a nationally recognized blogger, speaker and author dedicated to empowering youth to overcome adversity. Her lifelong desire to help others was birthed from a place of hurt and pain. As a child, her resilience enabled her to overcome physical and verbal abuse and defy statistics about children with incarcerated parents.

Despite struggling financially and coping with low self-esteem and depression, Terri earned her Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution. She is also a former Miss Black America Contestant. Terri’s personal story of triumph over tragedy inspires youth to overcome life’s obstacles while embracing a spirit of resilience.

Topics:  Empowerment, Never Ever Give Up On Life, Resolving Conflict, Overcoming Adversity, Diversity, Self-Esteem, Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth Engagement, Social Media

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