2017 Speaker Line Up

  • Below you will find the most up-to-date list of speakers for the 2017 ENGAGE Youth Engagement Seminar & Showcase. Our speakers are the best in the country, bar none. Diverse, dynamic and multilingual, each speaker has trained hard to help deliver our methods in a way that you’ve never seen before. Our methods are an evolution of everything that has come before, and represent a new way to connect and grow. Our message endures, over weeks, months, and even years.  Our speakers never deliver anything less than their best, and provide a positive, aspirational message that audiences carry with them long after our event is over. Check back often as we announce guest speakers and sessions.

keynote Carlos Ojeda Jr. President & CEO, CoolSpeak
keynote Ernesto Mejia Vice President, CoolSpeak
keynote Tim Stafford Poet, Author & English Teacher
keynote Natasha Carrizosa Teacher & Poet
keynote Terri Lomax Blogger, CoolSpeaker and Facilitator
keynote Brandon Brown Founder of BRAINSTEM
keynote Nicholas Bell Founder of BRAINSTEM