Research on at-risk populations has found that depressed motivation, limited financial resources within families, and a general lack of information about moving through the schooling systems influence decisions about not continuing onto higher education (Robert Gonzalez, 2011.) Gonzalez concluded that students with mentors outside of the family, access to information about postsecondary education, financial support for college, and having low levels of family responsibilities increased the students’ chances of pursuing higher education.

At ENGAGE we prepare professionals to better serve their students by enhancing their programming, presentation, and communication skills.  ENGAGE allows participants the opportunity to re-evaluate themselves as individuals, and professionals. The seminar is focused on student engagement strategies based upon CoolSpeak’s researched techniques and best practices.

During ENGAGE we teach professionals that work with youth audiences to address different styles of learning (aural, visual, reading/writing, kinesthetic) in order to effectively reinforce the positive themes and messages that allow students to find the motivation, mentors, financial resources, and be able to involve their families in search for positive outcomes.

Learning Goals

Participants will learn:
  • The fundamentals of engaging youth audiences.
  • To apply engaging and effective communication styles.
  • How to improve their presentation skills to be more engaging.
  • To validate personal experiences as cultural and social capital.
  • The basic do’s and don’ts of icebreakers and energizers.
  • How to create basic evaluations to enhance future programming.
  • The basics to successful student event planning and execution.

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